Surfing genres and bending rules with unpredictable, reckless precision.

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Tallest to Shortest surfs genres and bends rules with unpredictable, reckless precision. This power trio turns heads at every show.


Made up of members of The Uncas, Red Ram, Switchmen and The Fails – Sean Brewer, Mark Feduk and Corey Motz never fail to sway the crowd.


Tallest To Shortest is about getting back to basics and simply writing catchy, crafty tunes and then belting them out in a fresh way that almost anyone can get behind. On one tune you may hear grungy rock mixed with hip-hop beats and then they will blindside you with a pop-punk ditty that breaks into a metal bridge. This band doesn’t have an identity crisis though – there is a consistent theme of mayhem and catchiness that runs throughout their repertoire.


Tallest to Shortest released its debut, self-titled E.P. in 2015 and has received positive reviews and campus radio play in various Canadian cities. The band tours throughout western Canada consistently and is currently working on a followup recording. Don’t miss Tallest To Shortest on the road.

Rich People Don't Smoke

Potato / Tomato

Shakin In My Boots

Revenge Lay

Drive By Couch Dump (Live)

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